About The Firm

When your liberty is at stake or when your health and well-being are at risk, it is important to turn to those who have the compassion, experience, and knowledge to protect you.

The lawyers at Barzee Flores — William R. Barzee, Hector L. Flores, Richard C. Klugh, Ivlis Mantilla, and Alexander Rundlet – are veteran trial attorneys who work tirelessly as your criminal defense lawyers to safeguard your freedom when you are faced with the arrayed forces of government in a criminal prosecution.

Our lawyers will steadfastly protect your rights as a civil plaintiff against those who have injured you or caused you harm.

Please see our Attorney Profiles and Practice Areas to see how the trial attorneys at Barzee Flores can be or service to you and your family.

Practice Areas

  • Personal Injury/ Wrongful Death
    If you are injured due to the negligence of others, our attorneys can help you...
  • Criminal Defense
    Barzee Flores handles all stages of criminal defense including: grand jury proceedings, pre-indictment investigations, negotiated...
  • Civil Litigation
    Barzee Flores has experienced civil trial lawyers who have the knowledge and experience to protect...
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