Despite extensive federal and state regulation and advancements in aviation technology, aviation accidents and incidents happen here in the United States and all over the world. If you a loved one has been involved in a aviation accident – whether in a commercial airliner or a smaller aircraft or helicopter – the law firm of Barzee Flores has the experience to provide zealous representation to victims and family members in the complex and specialized area of aviation practice.

Alexander Rundlet has extensive litigation experience representing families and victims of aviation accidents. The accidents that he has worked have involved the major airframe manufacturers (e.g., Boeing and Airbus) as well as the major manufacturers of avionics components that serve today fleet’s of commercial aircraft.

The following is a list of commercial aviation accidents on which Alexander has worked:

  • Aires Flight 8250 (landing in San Andres, Colombia, August 16, 2010, involving a Boeing 737-73V aircraft)
  • Ethiopian Airlines Flight 409 (taking off from Beirut–Rafic Hariri International Airport, January 25, 2010, involving a Boeing 737-8AS aircraft)
  • Air France Flight 447 (flying over the Mid-Atlantic, June 1, 2009, involving an Airbus A330-203 aircraft)
  • American Airlines Flight 908 (approaching Miami International Airport, October 10, 2008, involving a Boeing 777 aircraft)
  • West Caribbean Airways Flight 708 (flying over Machiques, Venezuela, August 16, 2005, involving a Boeing MD-82 aircraft)

Alexander has also represented families of victims of general aviation accidents involving both fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft both inside and outside of the United States (for example, accidents involving Cessna Model T210N; Beech 65-A90-1; Bell 206L; Cessna 414A; Pilatus PC-12; Piper PA-28-181; Cessna 650 Citation; Beechcraft Baron 58; Bell 412EP; Cessna Citation X 750-230).

Alexander works with experienced investigators and experts to help determine whether the accident or incident at issue was caused by pilot error, by air traffic controller error, by a design or manufacturing flaw in the airframe or a critical avionics component or another cause.

Frequently, treaties applicable to international air travel govern airline accidents or incidents that occur outside of the United States. Foreign accidents and incidents also may involve complex issues of procedural and substantive law from countries other than the United States. Often, such laws govern the nature of claims that may be brought of behalf of victims of aviation disasters and the location and timing of where such claims may be filed.

These issues make the choice of a lawyer to represent you or your family in a matter involving an airplane or helicopter accident especially important. Barzee Flores and Alexander Rundlet have the knowledge and expertise to provide complete representation for victims of aviation accidents. Please contact Alexander Rundlet with your inquiry. Alexander Rundlet with your inquiry.

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