Civil Rights

Misconduct by law enforcement officers, whether by engaging in police brutality and the use of excessive force or by denying access to medical care for serious medical conditions for people who are in jail or prison, harms not only the individuals directly injured but also erodes the integrity of our justice system. State law provides limited tort remedies against law enforcement officers who cause physical injuries to persons in their custody or control. Federal laws, namely 42 U.S.C. ยง 1983, also provide remedies for individuals who have been physically harmed by public officials where a violation of a constitutional right is involved. Public officials like police officers are also protected by broad immunities that restrict the ability to recover and are further protected by rigorous pre-suit requirements that must be followed before a claim may be viable.

It is extremely important to consult attorneys who are knowledgeable in the procedural complexities of litigating civil rights claims. The lawyers at Barzee Flores have experienced in litigating civil rights claims. Please contact us with your inquiry.

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