Obstruction of Justice

Being charged with obstruction of justice is serious and a conviction can carry with it a variety of severe penalties, including job loss, loss of reputation, fines and prison time.

However, the Miami federal criminal defense attorneys at Barzee Flores want you to know that in some cases, it may be possible for our skilled and experienced trial lawyers to either get the charges against you reduced, or totally dropped, depending on the circumstances of your case.

There have been countless cases of obstruction of justice charges being brought against prominent business leaders, religious organizations and even government officials. Some of the most memorable cases involved former Presidents Richard M. Nixon and his role in Watergate and William Clinton and his testimony, or lack thereof, during the investigation into his relationship with White House intern Monica Lewinsky. Even style icon Martha Stewart was charged with obstruction of justice when prosecuting attorneys could not find sufficient evidence to charge her with the original crime of insider trading.

In fact, obstruction of justice charges often result in cases where authorities can prove little else, often because a suspect properly defended themselves against possible charges by not cooperating with an investigation, which is often their right under the law.

Obstruction of justice charges can stem from a variety of circumstances, and may vary in degree of severity and punishment. Law enforcement official who are investigating a crime — either on the local, state or federal level — may file obstruction charges against an individual if they feel you are withholding information regarding the crime, have destroyed or withheld evidence, attempted to persuade or “tamper with” a witness whose testimony is critical to the case, or made false statements while reporting a crime. Obstruction of justice charges are also common in cases where a enforcement agency feels you have interfered with their efforts, allegedly resisted or fled from a police officer, or even for protesting at a demonstration or rally.

Even providing what the police or prosecutor in the case feel are misleading statements, or alerting another person about an impending crime investigation, may result in your being charged with obstruction of justice.

The law enforcement agency that is attempting to charge you with a crime may not actually have sufficient evidence to successfully make the original charges stick under the law, and may attempt to charge you with obstruction of justice in order to intimidate you or force your cooperation, which could result in more serious charges.

At Barzee Flores in Miami, Florida, our years of successfully defending clients against obstruction of justice charges will allow us to aggressively defend your rights. We will thoroughly examine and investigate every aspect of the case to determine if the obstruction of justice charges even have any legal merit. And, if a trial results from the charges moving forward, we will professionally and aggressively ensure that your side of the story is heard, and your legal rights are upheld under the law.

If you have been charged with obstruction of justice, we urge you to contact us immediately for a no obligation consultation regarding the facts of your case, The Miami federal criminal defense attorneys at Barzee Flores will stand by your side to provide the appropriate legal representation you deserve.

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Most Obstruction of Justice Charges are Felony Charges

If any officer of the court — which can include a street patrol officer, detective or police investigator, local, state or federal prosecutor, judge or other court officer — feels you are impeding their progress in presenting their side of the case, the result can be an obstruction of justice charge against you.

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