No crimes are more serious than murder or manslaughter. In general terms, murder is defined as the taking of another life through a planned, or premeditated act. Manslaughter is the taking of another life, usually unintentionally.

The Miami criminal defense attorneys at Barzee Flores are extremely familiar with all state and federal statutes related to the charge of manslaughter. Our attorneys have the knowledge, experience and resources necessary to successfully defend your legal rights in a criminal trial. Manslaughter is a complex criminal offense, and only the most experienced and innovative criminal defense lawyers should be trusted with handling such cases.

The gravity of being charged with manslaughter will ensure that the law enforcement agencies, as well as state and federal prosecutors, will use every possible method and resource available in order to see that you are found guilty of the charges. For many people facing a manslaughter charge, it may appear as if you are already presumed guilty, prior to any court proceedings. Hiring a law firm with the experience and resources to thoroughly investigate your case and build a defense is critical to your freedom and will very likely impact the rest of your life.

At Barzee Flores, there is nothing we take more seriously than defending clients against charges accusing them of the death of another human being. You may rest assured that all available resources will be utilized in aggressively defending your rights against a federal or state manslaughter charge.

In the event that someone is charged with manslaughter as the result of a fatal car crash, the criminal defense attorney must mount an aggressive and compelling defense to prove to the court that the accident resulted from no premeditated thought on your part, and that you committed no negligent or reckless act that may have caused the accident. For example, if it is discovered that you were driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, at an excessive rate of speed or exhibited some other form of negligent behavior, the charge against you could be murder, as opposed to manslaughter. Consequently, murder charges carry with them much more serious ramifications.

Conversely, an experienced defense attorney is sometimes able to get a murder charge reduced to manslaughter, either through negotiations with prosecutors or at trial. If the state is unable to prove the more serious elements of a murder charge, a manslaughter charge carries penalties that are less serious.

In either case, a conviction can only occur when the prosecution has demonstrated, beyond a reasonable doubt, that every element of your charges points to your guilt. All elements or pieces of your manslaughter charge must be present in order for the prosecution to successfully justify a conviction.

If you have been arrested and charged with manslaughter, the immediate hiring of a knowledgeable, highly-skilled and aggressive criminal defense attorney is absolutely critical. Even if you are incarcerated but not yet charged, or are being investigated and feel that a manslaughter charge is impending, we urge you to contact the Miami criminal defense attorneys at Barzee Flores right away, and let us begin to plan our strategy for your defense.

Protect Your Rights

A charge of manslaughter may result from a motor vehicle accident involving a fatality. As the word accident implies, the person charged had absolutely no intent or pre-planned motivation to take another person’s life – it was accidental. This type of charge is often classified as involuntary manslaughter. A veteran criminal defense attorney will be your key ally in helping you present your case, and ensure that your voice is heard and your rights are protected under the law.

Call Barzee Flores today if you have been charged with or are under investigation for manslaughter.

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