Seized Assets

When federal or state law enforcement authorities seize currency, vehicles, boats, or real property, it is important to select trial attorneys knowledgeable in asset recovery and forfeiture procedure to secure the immediate return of your property.

If currency, a car, a truck, a boat or real property has been seized by law enforcement it is important to immediately contact a lawyer to protect your rights to the seized property and to start the process for its recovery.

The process of contesting an asset seizure/forfeiture is separate and apart from any potential criminal investigation that may have commenced. Failing to take action and failing to timely notify the seizing agency may result in the loss of your ability to secure the recovery of the seized property.

Barzee Flores has experience in securing the release of seized property or property the government is seeking to take by forfeiture. Please contact us with your inquiry so we can help you recover your seized property.

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